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Hello Los Angeles! The City of Angels, the place I call home since 1995. There is no other place I would rather be as an Uber Driver (also drive for Lyft :) because Los Angeles has got it all for me. How I wish that Uber had been in existence ever since for I have always loved to drive around here and there in the city like in the movie Nightcrawler.

I go by the song "Under the Bridge" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers whenever I roam the streets of LA. Way back I lived in the Eagle Rock community of Los Angeles in the late 90s to early 2000s but I have to move to the suburbs because of immigration concerns. That's another subject that would be covered in my writings online. 

There are many reasons for which I write. Here the purpose is to entertain myself and perhaps others with the daily grind and experience I get driving passengers in the Los Angeles area. Honestly, I have never been too serious in life except when I get enraged about something but mostly I adopt a Forrest Gump attitude in life. To become a happy beach bum that can do things in their own time like write, sing, hang-out, eat, help out cooking, and learn to surf are a few of my aspirations. Of course driving for Uber and Lyft gives me the freedom to go about places, meet people of various characters, and get a new taste of living out of the not-so ordinary experience I have had.

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